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Change can be a disruptor

With success comes change, and this offers the opportunity to improve processes and products.

These days change usually means the adoption or updating of computer systems, both software and hardware.

It's more complicated than you'd think

Many of us have worked at an organisation that invested a great deal of time and money into rolling out a new computer system, only for it disappoint. 

Common frustrations are:

Data. Your business has probably spent years building a database of useful information. All too often this data is missing or wrongly loaded, leading to wasted time and potential reputational damage.

Integration. Your new system likely holds some of the same data as other systems you use. You should utilize all available integrations to avoid duplication and reduce human error.

Workload. People are the lifeblood of your business. Is your new system making their job easier? At a minimum it shouldn't make it any harder.

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Work with us to get it right first time

If you're about to embark on major software change, speak to us first.

We have a wealth of experience in writing, delivering and supporting software from desktop apps to major e-commerce supporting many thousands of customers.

We can help you avoid some of the biggest pitfalls from the beginning, but if you've already started down this road and you've run into problems, we're also here to help.

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