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Are you entering the same data into more than one system?

How's that working for you - how many typos slip through?

And it can be much worse than a misspelt name too, human error can lead to lost revenue, inaccurate reporting and even reputational damage.

Case Study

Migrating 6M customers from a proprietary, organically grown ERP/CRM to Oracle CC&B for a utility company we discovered:

  • Address and contact details were all over the place because no consistent standard had been used and multiple entry methods had been used
  • Duplicated accounts existed
  • There were as many "disappeared" customers with money owing as those who owed money

Why work with us?

Fortunately you don't need a multi-million Euro programme to discover this and correct it. Utilising some of the many solutions that already exist, you will quickly recoup any ROI through time saved and improved data quality.

We will coach you how to implement business process automation to improve data entry and clean up your existing data. Enabling you to own the process in future.